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{Monday, November 13, 2006}

Wow. I haven't touched this for over a year. I'm slackin big time. I guess the problem is, I don't have much to complain about. I guess I can always start weighing in on all of the political stuff happening these days. Anyways, attempts might be made to update this more often..... I don't know if I can make any promises, though.
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posted by some guy 6:36 AM

{Friday, June 10, 2005}

Well, I'm engaged now. I asked Mandy last night, and (of course) she said yes. Yay.
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posted by some guy 4:44 PM

{Sunday, June 05, 2005}

Well, I guess I've been told. It is time for an update.

I graduated, on May 6th or 7th or something- I don't remember the exact date, it was that Saturday. Anyways, since life has been kinda intense. I moved all my stuff back to my parents place, and since have moved to Baltimore in search of a job. Prayers to that end would be very appreciated. Anyways.... I'm busy job searching, and there isn't much else going down in my part of town.... Maybe I'll get motivated in my free time and try to do something creative on here again. It probably won't happen, though.
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posted by some guy 9:32 PM

{Monday, April 18, 2005}

We're leaving for competition on Friday, and we're not exactly ready to go yet. This week is going to be crazy!
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posted by some guy 11:31 AM

{Thursday, March 17, 2005}

It is spring break... I went to see Mandy for the weekend, now I'm back at school trying to work hard again. I hope all of you are having a great week. So, anyways, on to the geeky stuff.

Space travel: what's in the future for space travel? I see the following happening...

First, someone is going to come up with a shielding method. I think it will be charge related. Just like gravity can bend light, I think people are going to figure a way of creating a charge that will not only absorb or deflect all positrons passing through an area, but also all EMF. Thus, the need for high density materials in order to absorb radiation from nuclear power will be eliminated, probably at the cost of power. This will enable light-weight nuclear power to happen- leading to huge jumps in the power/weight capabilities of spacecraft. Furthermore, this will act to facilitate long-term space travel, for it will also provide means of shielding against space radiation.

In the beginning era, I see ion engines as the primary means for propulsion, but with time, I expect the theory behind the radiation shielding to actually serve as an actual propulsion method. The radiation absorbed from outer space, as well as the radiation from the nuclear power plant on board the craft will be accelerated to near speed of light speeds, and will actually serve as an effective means of propulsion. This soves another mass problem: as of now, all acceleration is generated by expelling significant amounts of mass from the ship, without any mass absorbtion of any type occuring. I would expect ships in the future to actually charter paths to intersect as many asteriods, etc. as possible- collecting, harvesting, and then expelling (for thrust) as much raw mass as possible.

Finally, I see industrial value in space travel- I would expect some optimistic entrepenour to head out into space, land on as many asteriods as possible, and mine as much of precious metals as possible. In particular, Titanium and Platinum.

That's what I think- I see a new, light weight method of radiation shielding to be the next big advance in technology.
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posted by some guy 12:39 PM

{Saturday, January 29, 2005}

Sarah Jo, you're trouble.

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posted by some guy 7:30 PM

{Sunday, January 09, 2005}

I suppose it's time to update again. I'll be starting my final semester in college in two days. I'm excited. I'm ready to move on and become a part of the working society. I really hope I can land myself a well paying job quite quickly after I graduate, for reasons that will go unmentioned. (Those of you who know me well won't have any trouble guessing.) Anyways, I'm ready to hit the last semester- ready to start building something on the airplane, ready to attend chapel and prayer and praise again. That was something I didn't do last semester, and I think I suffered as a result. (Mandy agrees with the prognosis) So, I'm sure at least a number are feeling the next semester approaching, I guess what I've got to say is that it's got lots of potential, try to make the best of it. All in all, life is good.

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posted by some guy 10:11 PM